SGT Velasquez // Welcome Home Ceremony // Fort, Carson // Colorado

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Casen and I met June 2009 a month before he left for basic, in that short period of time I was head over heels and became an army girl friend! He got stationed over seas to Germany, and that was another 6 months without him! May 2010 we got married, just weeks after he deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. We then found out shortly after he deployed I was pregnant with KeyLee! After his tour in Afghanistan we finally moved to Germany! Year and half later we moved to Fort Carson Colorado, and I was 2 months shy to giving birth to our KayDence. We found out very soon after we got here he was about to enter his intensive training for deployment #2 to Kuwait. We learned very fast that every duty station does things differently. He was gone A TON! We have faced a lot of battles the past 5 years, to learning and understanding the army, to raising our girls the very best we can, and to always reminding each other every struggle we face it makes us so much stronger. The army life is anything but easy, but it's worth every second to support my husband in what he enjoys doing! During the end of deployment #2 (Kuwait) at the very end we learned that cancelations can happen a lot more then you think, and then you start to wonder if they'll ever board a plane. But let me tell you, once I saw my husband after over 9 months all the cancelations and frustration of not knowing disappeared!" - Robyn Velasquez

Welcome Home Solider!!

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